Discovering invisibility

In our exhibition blind guides lead small groups of guests through completely darkened rooms depicting different everyday situations. Without eyesight, the daily routine becomes a totally new experience. You will sharpen your senses.

A role reversal is created: Blind people become ambassadors of a culture without pictures.

Dialogue in the Dark can only be visited accompanied by a guide. Therefore, reservation is necessary.

Bookingline 069/90 43 21 44

You can choose between a 60-minutes standard tour with 4 rooms and a 90-minutes special tour with 6 rooms.

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> FAQ „Dialogue in the Dark“

> voices from the dark

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> go to Blind Traveller – summer event at DialogMuseum

Dialogue in the Dark is a global franchising concept. Dialogue Social Enterprise GmbH (DSE) is a social enterprise operating internationally and headquartered in Hamburg.

For more information please visit Dialogue in the Dark international



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