Frequently asked questions

Exhibition visit

Can’t you really see anything?

The exhibition “Dialogue in the Dark” is completely lightless, which is why you actually can’t see anything.

How long does a tour last?

A guided tour lasts 60 minutes.

Am I going alone through the dark exhibition?

No, each group with max. 8 people will be accompanied by a blind guide during the entire tour. Larger groups, e.g. school classes are divided into several small groups. This is for the safety and quality of your visit.

What do I take with me to the exhibition? What not?

A long stick that you get at the entrance to the exhibition. We advise you to put on comfortable shoes. There are lockers in the foyer for glasses, cell phones, jackets, bags, etc. All objects with light – such as watches, smartphones, etc. – are prohibited in the exhibition. You need change for the DunkelBar at the end of the exhibition.

What things are forbidden in the dark?

Prohibited things are: fire, smoking, smartphones and electronic devices, bags, glasses, chewing gum. Generally anything that generates light.

What happens if I am late?

Please be in the museum 30 minutes before the start of the tour for ticketing, cloakroom etc. If your tour has already started, unfortunately we cannot bring anyone to the exhibition afterwards for security reasons.

Food & Drinks

There are drinks in the DunkelBar at the end of your visit to the exhibition. You will need some change for this. During the corona pandemic, it is forbidden to consume food and drinks you have brought with you anywhere in the museum.   

Are there toilets in the dark?

No, there are no toilets in the exhibition. Please visit the toilets before the tour. Anyone who has to go to the toilet while visiting the exhibition is led out and cannot go back into the dark afterwards.

From how many years is a visit suitable?

From 7 years. If you visit the museum as a family, younger children can come too. It is important that no child is left alone in the foyer if they do not want to go to the lightless exhibition.

What if I feel uncomfortable in the dark and want to leave the exhibition?

You can cancel your visit to the exhibition at any time and you will be accompanied back into the light. Don’t worry, our guides are trained for the exhibition and convey security and trust.

How is security guaranteed in the dark exhibition?

Our showrooms comply with the statutory safety regulations. Our guides are trained to walk through the exhibition and for emergencies. Please always follow their hints and instructions.

Is there a risk when I get back into light?

There is no health risk. In the last exhibition room, dim light shines to gently accustom your eyes to the brightness.

Why is the KlangRaum monitored?

You enter the KlangRaum alone, without a guide. For safety reasons, there is an infrared camera in the room, which enables our staff to act and help in emergencies at any time. You can find more information in the privacy policy. You will also receive an emergency chain with a radio.

Physical impairments & accessibility

Wheelchair users are pulled through the exhibition by an additional guide. For people who use an electric wheelchair, it is necessary to switch to one of our in-house mechanical wheelchairs. This also applies to visitors with walking aids. Contact us before booking via bookinglin to discuss details of your visit. We try to do everything necessary to enable our exhibition experience for you. This applies e.g. also for hearing impairments, deafness and pregnancy.

Tickets & bookings


You can only visit the museum with a prior online ticket purchase or, for groups, by making a digital/telephone reservation, as each tour is accompanied by a guide for safety and quality reasons.

Cancellation & refunds

A cancellation or reimbursement of your tickets is not possible in accordance with Section 312g (2) No. 9 BGB. For goodwill inquiries, write us an email to . You can find detailed information in our terms and conditions for reading.


You can get vouchers in the online ticket shop. They are legally valid for three years from the date of issue and are not personal. You can find more information on purchasing a voucher under our terms and conditions.

Guides tours in another language

We currently offer tours in German and English. Sign up before you book to request a guided tour in a specific language.