Your dialogue in english

A young woman with blonde hair looks into the camera. She smiles and covers the left side of her face with her left hand.


Your visit to “Dialogue in the dark”.

Two children stow their jackets and bags in lockers in the museum.

School classes & groups

Come with several people!

Exterior view of the museum. The foyer can be recognised through large glass doors with the inscription: "Museum Frankfurt"



Book cover on the left with the inscription: "Jason Stanley / How fascism works" in black letters. On the right is a photograph of Jason Stanley, a man with short brown hair, black shirt and light-coloured jacket, looking directly into the camera, portrait shot.

Book launch

Jason Stanley “How fascism works”

Three people in front of a presentation board. They attach colourful, labelled paper.


Teambuilding, training, events.

Photo from above of six pairs of feet standing in a circle around a black dot on the floor. On the black dot is written in white letters: "Treffpunkt". ("Meeting point")


Support for an added social value.


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