“My wife and I visited your museum during our stay in Frankfurt in the summer of 2008.  Our host in Frankfurt arranged the visit without telling us any information about what the museum is.  So, we went into the experience knowing and expecting nothing.  At the end, my wife and I both felt that your museum changed our perspective and is still one of the most memorable experiences from our trip to Germany. I will never forget it. Thank you!” Greg E., Mai 2012

”You have shown us that it is not necessary to see beauty. It is enough to feel it. Thank you!” (Alevitische Jugend, 2015)

“A hair raising experience – enjoyed a lot.” Anant & Deepti G. (Mumbai, India)

“A window into a world I would never have experienced.” (Craig, 2015)

“Thank you for the amazing impressions, understanding, and new and better tolerance we have gained.” (2015)

“Thank you for an impressing lesson. Now I know that ‘see and be seen’ is not everything that matters in life.” (Frank, 2013)

“It was the best museum in the whole world!“ (Sophie, 2013)



Teilen (Verbindung zu den Plattformen erst bei Klick - DSGVO konform)

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