Special tour

The special tour (around 90 minutes and 6 rooms) at “Dialogue in the Dark” leads visitors through a museum room after a trip on a boat. This room is reserved for changing exhibitions. DialogMuseum invites artists and museums from Frankfurt to get inspiration for new installations in this room.

The 8th change of scene at DialogMuseum ,meet the concrete – l_erstellen‘ is a hands-on creation. Construction and composition of this game are inspired by the tactile surface indicators for orientation in public space.

Therefore the haptic examination of tactile elements and their positioning in the room are central to the game. Through skillful communication the path that guides through the dark has to be completed in very short time. The dark archival room becomes a game ground, has its individual soundtrack and challenges the visitors to describe their haptic sensations in order to figure out the path in the dark space. ,meet the concrete‘ was conceived by Sofie Luckhardt and Lucas Kottmeier – two former StadtteilBotschafter of Stiftung Polytechnische Gesellschaft. They became known in Frankfurt with the project ,dasda.hinter‘.
Reservation is necessary at bookingline 069-90 43 21 44

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