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THE INVISIBLE FRIEND is a project based on many years of experience with “Dialogue in the Dark”. As we know today, the deep and emotional insight into the world of blind people leads to a lasting change of attitude towards blind or visually impaired people. The enthusiasm, respect, and echo that all visitors, but especially children experience, are a great basis for social learning. That is where THE INVISIBLE FRIEND comes into play. Once the exhibition has opened eyes and heart, the “invisible friend” can prove what he or she has learned. Yet, applying the experience to the everyday life still demands further knowledge and skills, which are certainly not natural, but learnable:

What do blind people need the long cane for? How does a blind pupil learn? How do I lead a blind person across the street?

These questions are part of the diploma, which have been worked out with a blind pedagogue. All conducted events have been very successful so far.

The aim is to sharpen the attention for blind people in the daily surroundings, but also to encourage social engagement. One widespread prejudice, namely that blind pupils have a simplified level of education, since they do not learn the same as sighted people, is refuted by this project.

More than 4,834 pupils have already earned a diploma and 193 school classes have participated since 2008.

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>  project Zeitspender gesucht

Thank you for the support:
Ernst & Young, dem Hessischen Ministerium der Justiz, für Integration + Europa, Revisionsamt Stadt Frankfurt, dem Sparkassen- und Giroverband, der Stiftung Citoyen, Dr. Feith Stiftung, Marschner Stiftung, der Stiftung Polytechnische Gesellschaft, der randstad stiftung und dem Vivadi Medienverlag.


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