Companies are facing enormous challenges in the business world. With society, staff is ageing as well. Innovation and  lifelong learning are in demand today. New formats of learning, which make effective change of perspectives and unusual experiences possible, are necessary. This is where we come into position: DialogMuseum offers not only a unique exhibition with “Dialogue in the Dark”, but also an extraordinary instrument of personnel development: training in the dark for teams, lead by blind trainers.

Why is training in the dark so unique and efficient?

• familiar ways of thinking and behavior patterns are identified quickly and questioned

• concentration is promoted and communication is improved

• mutual solutions make social competence experienceable (diversity!)

• intensive, emotional experience guarantees a lasting effect

• team processes become “visible”

For several years, companies of all lines of business and size have been using our trainings  in our exhibitions in Frankfurt and Hamburg. Our blind trainers are certified according to international DSE (Dialogue Social Enterprise) standards and are continually trained. Get your inspiration from our offers. With pleasure, we will design an individual offer for your demands.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

Klara Kletzka

In order to secure a quick handling, we recommend contacting Alexandra Kurcsics (events and corprate events) directly:

Touren im Dialog im Dunkeln



For executives, our management trainings were developped. Darkness opens new access and perspectives. The sustainability of the experience is suitable for conveying topics relevant for the job, such as team building or change management.


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We only believe what we see, but we only see what we want to believe.
(Albert Einstein)


An impetus in the darkness

You have decided visiting “Dialogue in the Dark“ and would like to use the mutual experience as a stimulus for the awareness of your own and the team’s perception? You only want to use a small budget and do not have much time? In this case we offer a combination: visit the exhibition and solve a team challenge in the dark. Our blind trainers have tested a number of exercises and tasks supporting team processes effectively.

Depending on the topic we combine impulse-driven tours through “Dialogue in the Dark” with tasks agreed upon beforehand.

Target group:                      teams and groups of all kind

Duration:                             around 2.5 hours

Price:                                    starting at 510,-€ plus costs for exclusive tours of 90 min. 225,-€/tour

Number of participants:  from 6 up to max.16 persons

Location:                             lightless rooms in Dialogue in the Dark



Coffee klatsch with challenges

By popular demand we have re-established “Black Coffee“ into our program. Previously a subtask in tours, we have found a way to conceptualize “Black Coffee” as an individual concept in the mornings, offering it during regular opening hours.

“Black Coffee“ – the charming way of getting together in the dark.

In the dark, the team experiences what it is like to find a situation which does not correspond to general expectations of a coffee klatsch. Moderated by our experienced blind guides, the participants first explore the surrounding and set the tables before they can enjoy their coffee.

By the way, tea drinkers can enjoy themselves, too.

This experience is suitable for groups which would like to use a short coffee break in order to revive their team spirit.

Target group:                        teams and groups which dare to do something

Time frame:                          between 10 am and 1 pm

Duration:                              around 1.5 hours

Price:                                      300,-€ up to 8 participants

600,-€ from 9 participants

(incl. fee for material)

Number of participants:    from 6 up to max.16 persons (more participants are not possible due to the                                                       rooms)

Location:                               lightless rooms at DialogMuseum

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”. (Plato)



Many aspects of social intercourse can be depicted as social interaction. Here lies an important key for successful cooperation. Would you like to make your team’s social cooperation “visible”? In that case you should book our seminar “team spirit”. The seminar combines the weakness and strength of the team playing “Casino for Communication” with concrete team tasks during a 90 minute tour in the dark. A closing reflection takes place in our conference room in light. The experiences, results, and the team processes are discussed and assessed for your workday.

The tasks can be coordinated with the trainers in advance.

Target group:     teams and groups of enterprises, pedagogical and social organizations

Duration:            half-day/ around 3.5 hours

Price:                   1.520,-€

Participants:      max. 16 persons

Location:            Dialogue in the Dark and seminar rooms of DialogMuseum


If the group is larger, we organize a separate team building program for your group.
Duration:           9 am -6.30 pm

Price:                  by arrangement

Participants:      max. 24 persons


”Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us”.

 (Oskar Wilde)


An effective memory training

Brain for Business is a training format which makes an increased cognitive ability and an improvement of your memory in your daily work routine possible.

Our experienced blind guide needs 90 minutes in darkness for training your cognitive ability and your imagination. First signs of success can be noticed even after such a short time. In light, the basis for effective memory training is reinforced and what has been learned is transferred to the daily work routine.

Why is memory training important?

We do not have to memorize telephone numbers, E-mail addresses etc. Also, orientation is supported through navigation systems.


Who does not know these situations:

  • information must be searched for laboriously in notebooks
  • you do not remember a client’s or a business partner’s name at all
  • you forget the manuscript of a presentation or technical equipment does not work
  • balance sheet figures or production process within a presentation must be looked up laboriously

If we have important dates and facts in mind, our presentations are more vivid and more credible. We develop a lot more persuasiveness and appear more relaxed and less stressed.


Duration:                      around 5 hours of which 1.5 hours in complete darkness

Price:                             on request

Participants:                max. 16 persons

Trainer:                        Matthias Schäfer

Location:                      DialogMuseum


Appointments for individual guests (min. 4 persons) can take place on request or are accessible at





With more than 20 years of work experience as Sales Director in international enterprises, Graham Rogers possesses what is really important for project employees: understanding for project teams in a crisis, and a way of activating cooperation. In order to reduce teams to a common denominator, Graham Rogers uses two methods of DialogMuseum:  on the one hand, “Dialogue in the Dark“, on the other hand the interactive game “Casino for Communication“. Graham Rogers presents the process, questions, intervenes, and summarizes the findings and observations at the end of the day in his inimitable British way.

What do you learn?

  • sustainability: results and insight stay in your mind
  • teamwork: making cooperation possible
  • linguistic precision: changing the experience of communication
  • listening: awareness of yourself and others
  • transparency: team processes are made “visible“

Target group:                groups and teams of all divisions

Duration:                       1 day (9.45 am – 5.30 pm)

Price:                              470 € excl. VAT per participant

Participants:                 min. 6 – max. 12 persons

Location:                       DialogMuseum, workshop room & conference room

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Having worked as a trainer, moderator, and coach for executives for more than 20 years, and being accustomed to demands of global enterprises, Antje Bojens has developed a special concept for DialogMuseum: “ELEA – enjoy, learn & apply“. The aim of ELEA is to lead participants in a playful and constructive way from the known to the new, from familiar thought and action patterns to new perspectives.
ELEA – business trainings and workshops are suited for the following topics:

  • improvement of personal leadership skills
  • leading global and virtual teams
  • teambuilding – communication and cooperation
  • change management – motivation and orientation in the process of change


Target group:                business teams and executive officers of all hierarchies

Duration:                        1 day

Price:                               on request

Participants:                  max. 14 persons

Location:                        DialogMuseum und seminar room

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Markus Busche
He has been working at DialogMuseum since 2008 as a guide and co-trainer. Until 2007, he has worked as freelancer at fjh journalist office in Marburg. Before that he worked as an academic documentarist at Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv Potsdam. In 2005, he earned a certificate in modern German literature, media, and politics.

Sahar Nikpoosh
She leads the pedagogical department since 2016. In 2013, she graduated in social sciences.

Marianne Preis-Dewey
She works freelance at DialogMuseum and at other locations of „Dialogue in the Dark“, first as a co-trainer and then as certified DSE- trainer for business workshops since 2010. In 1997, she obtained a diploma in translation for English and Spanish. Afterwards she stayed in the US several times and had different occupations for translation service providers.

Matthias Schäfer

He is the team leader of Dialogue in the Dark at DialogMuseum since 2005 and CEO since 2011. In 1995, he graduated in social sciences and social pedagogy, hereafter many years of experience as CEO of a nursing home and apprenticeship as a coach.

Further external trainers

Karin Stiller

For references and more information, please see



“It was the best seminar to experience awareness spontaneously and at first hand from the first minute!”

“We will recommend DialogMuseum because it is such a big support working with volunteers and considering communication. We would not be able to work that well if we hadn’t experienced these preconditions!”



“Darkness creates an unpredictable, provocative situation which irritates and sensitizes the participants.”



My team experienced this way of team building as one of the best processes so far.”

(Deutsche Bank Team)



For specific inquiries, please contact

The specific content of each seminar is always agreed on with the respective trainer.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.


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