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You can rent the exhibition „Dialogue in the Dark“and the foyer exclusively if you are looking for an extraordinary location for a special evening. If you wish, we will let the foyer shine in new splendor, according to your desire. We will provide a unique framework for your individual occasion where the human factor does not miss out. In the following, you can find ideas and price examples for events in DialogMuseum. We offer individual solutions for both customer events and small teams.

We are looking forward to entering a dialogue with you!

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We recommend getting into touch with Alexandra Kurcsics (events and company celebarations) for a quick handling:


Your Evening at DialogMuseum 

 A museum that employs the blind and disabled;

An exhibition that invites you to an exceptional dialogue;
A darkness that makes the blind’s potential visible;

An experience that lasts even after the light is turned on;

A visit that makes sense!

If you are looking for a unique venue for your special evening, it is possible to book the exhibition “Dialogue in the Dark” along with the spacious foyer. It is also possible to have the foyer decorated as you wish, allowing you to set the mood for your event as you wish.

We give you a unique framework which never leaves the human factor in short supply.

Below, you will find suggestions and samples for an evening event at DialogMuseum. Whether for a small team, a company event, or another special occasion we are happy to offer you our customized events. We look forward to your dialogue!

Example # 1

Special tours through DIALOGUE IN THE DARK – as a starter for your evening

Special tours of the exhibition “Dialogue in the Dark” in the evenings:

From 17:00 in 15-minute intervals with a maximum of 8 people per group, blind guides lead you through several everyday experiences in lightless rooms.


  • Standard tours (4 rooms / 60 min / max 8 people per tour) 200, – € /tour
  • Special tours (6 rooms / 90 min / max 8 people per tour) 225, – € /tour (includes boat ride)

Our recommendation:

As part of a longer schedule for a small group or team that has already chosen a restaurant, but has yet to find the pick-me-up event they need in order to make the evening truly memorable.

The darkness will greatly help facilitate teambuilding, and the new self-awareness from the experience provides much conversation in the evening.

Example # 2

CASINO FOR COMMUNICATION (mobile version) + Special tour through DIALOGUE IN THE DARK

as a kick off for the evening

Get to know your colleagues’ playful sides while training your communication skills – in the light the participants have the opportunity to spend time at the mobile stations of the game “Casino for Communication” as they wait for their tour.

Four to five tall tables are part of our interactive exhibition that makes it possible to implement theoretically tested communication tools while playing a game. You will be introduced to the different games by one of our quizmasters. By no later than the second round you’ll notice a vast improvement of joint cooperation among the players.


  • Casino mobile / up to 60 participants                                            480,-€/ lump sum
  • Casino mobile / over 60 participants                                             660, -€ / lump sum


The event is ideal for groups of 30-40 participants, 20 – 25 of which are actively playing at the tables; meanwhile the other guests take part in the tours through the dark.

 Our recommendation:

For teams and groups which want to use the evening for getting to know each other better, the mobile casino offers an ideal platform for communication.

Example # 3


 as an exclusive get-together

Playing at the mobile stations of “Casino for Communication” allows unusual encounters, while special tours are offered concurrently through the exhibition “Dialogue in the Dark”. During your stay our friendly service staff will be serving a variety of delicious dishes.


  • Standard Tours (4 rooms / 60 min / max 8 people per tour.)                        200, – € /tour
  • Special Tours (6 rooms / 90 min / max 8 people per tour.)                           225, – € /tour
  • Casino mobile / up to 60 participants                                                                      480,-€/ lump sum
  • Casino mobile / over 60 participants                                                                       660, -€ / lump sum
  • Welcome Prosecco frizzante                                                                                          15,-€ / per 0,7l bottle
  • Flying Buffet (Exclusive of material, logistics, beverages and service) start at 32,-€ / per person


The foyer provides room for 120 people of which 20 – 25 actively play at the gambling tables.

Our recommendation:

For larger groups, corporate events, and client events the parallel use of both offers is highly recommended. This structure allows for individual arrival times and preferences, and there are no unnecessary waiting times for tours. Communication within the team will be more exciting and along the depth of experience, fun does not come up short. We can also recommend a restaurant in our neighborhood or instead offer our own excellent flying buffet.

Example #4       

DIALOGUE IN THE DARK + “DINNER IN BLACK” at Goldman restaurant

an extraordinary after dark special

What color is rice? Do you immediately think “white”? Then it’s time for a change of mind. At “Dinner in Black” you will realize how difficult it is to part with set ideas and how easy it is to surprise your eyes.

This is how your evening will become a surprising and sensual experience:

Book a special tour at DialogMuseum. You can smell, feel, touch, and hear during your tour in complete darkness. The guides will give you some hints concerning the ingredients waiting for you at dinner. Sharpen your senses! Afterwards, you will head to Goldman Restaurant, which is located in our neighborhood, and take up with an experiment: a 3-course menu “Dinner in Black”. Trust your palate and be open for new discoveries. Even if you see black food everywhere you did not become colorblind. We have not experimented with food coloring. Attention: you eat with your eyes first!

This extraordinary “after dark special” is suited for groups that would like to take up a challenge.

We could not ask for a better partner than Thomas Haus, owner and chef of the restaurant.


It can only be booked as an evening event.

Reservation via DialogMuseum: or Goldman Restaurant .

It is suitable for groups of at least 16 persons up to a maximum of 45 persons.


  • Special tour “Dialogue in the Dark” 200,00€ (45 minutes/max. 8 persons per tour)
  • “Dinner in Black” menu 54,00€ (gross) per person, excl. drinks


Example #5:


Agent training in the dark

Change into the role of secret agents. Become part of a thrilling agent story and solve exciting and, with the help of your team, cope with exciting challenges in complete darkness. Experience the adventure “Mission Impossible” and gain the “license for teamwork” in a playful, exciting, and dynamic way!

You work undercover, meaning in the dark. You will meet an agent in a secret place in the east of Frankfurt. Each one of you will get a task right before the assignment, which can only be solved with the help of the team. The mission is top secret. This much can be said: analytic thinking, brave decisions, precise communication, and team spirit are necessary in order to bring the mission to a successful end.

The participants experience themselves and each other in an extraordinary atmosphere, which strengthens the sense of togetherness and trust sustainably. This format is comparable to an event and can be used as an incentive.

Target group:                          teams and groups which would like to be challenged in a playful way

Duration:                                   around 2.5 hours

Time:                                           Tuesday through Friday after 5.30pm or by arrangement

Price:                                           starting at 450€ plus costs for exclusive 90 minute tours in the dark (225€/tour/max. 8 persons)


Number of participants:                         8 through 24 persons

Trainer:                                                Agent M07

Location:                                              lightless rooms at DialogMuseum

If not declared explicitly, all of the prices above are net prices and exclude costs for special tours. The usual admission fee to DialogMuseum (Dialogue in the Dark) according to § 4 No. 201 UStG is exempt from sales tax (certificate Darmstadt Regional Council 01 January 2011).

Our dialogue team is looking forward to you!

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    I’m looking for a space to host a seminar in the afternoon of May 11th 2017.

    The event is for approximately 150pax, and all I need is the capacity of having a stage and seating area for the audience.

    Could you please confirm if you have availability for the date and space?

    Thank you for your attention.

    Have a great day,


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