DialogMuseum is a place creating intensive impressions and experience, but is also thought-provoking. Your stay should not only aim at experiencing things, but should also focus on the topics blindness, disability, and discrimination. Therefore, we offer workshops in order to get into conversation with the pupils.


Before visiting the exhibition we recommend visiting our workshop for classes. One blind or visually impaired guide informs you about what it means to be blind, what different kinds of blindness exist, and about the aids for blind people.  He or she volunteers as an interlocutor and supplies background information, which helps the pupils to connect the exhibition with the situation of blind or visually impaired people. Thus, the exhibition has a lasting influence on the pupils.

The workshop costs 3,-€ per pupil, but at least 60,-€ at a flat rate. It must be booked separately.

We offer pedagogical accompanying material for free for pupils aged 11-16 years. It can be downloaded. Please note: only available in German:

> pdf download Pädagogisches Begleitheft Dialog im Dunkeln

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> FAQ from teachers

> pdf download price list DialogMuseum



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