Dialogue in the dark is a global franchise system. Dialogue Social Enterprise Ltd. (DSE) is a social enterprise operating worldwide headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Their mission is to facilitate social inclusion of disabled, disadvantaged and elderly people on a global basis. DSE`s goals are to raise awareness about the contribution to society by people with disability and elderly people, leading to an inclusive behavior, and to improve the social economic condition of handicapped people, especially blind, visually and hearing impaired people.

To achieve these goals they operate exhibitions, such as “Dialogue in Silence”, “Dialogue with Time”, “Dialogue in the Dark”, and workshops and events worldwide. Since 1989, “Dialogue in the Dark” has been visited by 6, 5 million visitors in more than 60 countries.

Having been honored by Ashoka and Schwab Stiftung, the aim is to connect social with economic success.

For more information, please visit:

> go to Dialogue in the Dark international

> go to Dialogue Social Enterprise

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