Visiting a world full of darkness, which suddenly lets the closeness of others appear so important and, at the same time, causes such a vastness, was impressive, intimidating, sensuous, confusing. I became very thoughtful.”

-Cornelia, after having visited the exhibition

Did you have similar feelings? Then go one step further and support us.

Dialog im Dunkeln – Verein zur Förderung der sozialen Kreativität –Frankfurt e.V. supports projects aiming at the social integration of disabled people. Innovative cultural projects, like Dialogue in the Dark, are supposed to improve the situation for disabled people at the job market. They are platforms for unbiased encounters between disabled and non-disabled people. You or your company can become a member and support us with your donation. You might also be able to help us with your professional specialist knowledge or a donation in kind, or offer one of our “dialogue” employees an internship.

We are looking forward to entering a dialogue with you!

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Verein zur Förderung der sozialen
Kreativität – Frankfurt e.V.
Hanauer Landstraße 145
60314 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. +49 (069) 904321-81
Fax +49 (069) 904321-33

Annual subscription:

Single membership: 50€

Supporting membership: at least 250€

Executive comittee:
Bengt Köslich
Abdelmalek Alaamri

Donations account

Frankfurter Sparkasse
IBAN: DE74 5005 0201 0200 3889 75

> pdf download club rules

> pdf download members and donations



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