At the beginning of the winter  season a new cooperation with Frankfurt’s top chef Thomas Haus and the sound producer Raul Geisler is launched.

Can you hear the freshness of ingredients? And what does culinary real delight sound like?  That is what DialogMuseum, chef Thomas Haus, and sound expert Raul Geisler have been looking into. Starting in the middle of October, DialogMuseum takes an appetizing and acoustic journey through the dark with the new format “Sound of Dinner”.

The ingredients are fairly easy: take the best chef of the neighborhood and let him create a menu. Accompany this process with top-flight professional sound designers from the Playroom studios and serve the acoustic menu in “Dialogue in the Dark”. The sound of fried meat will make your mouth water immediately and you could bet that the smell of it soaks the darkness. Of course, vegetarians get their money’s worth as well.

Afterwards at Goldman restaurant, you can guess what has actually been cooked at the sound menu. Guessing the menu correctly, you can be pleased with a present.

This is how it works: interested guests book a “Sound of Dinner special tour” (max. 8 people per tour) for 200,-€ per tour at DialogMuseum. We are happy to reserve a table for you at Goldman restaurant where a real menu is served after your tour in the dark (menu starting at52.00€ per person; minimum number of 8 people). Delectation is guaranteed!

Reservation is necessary!

In order for a quick handling, we recommend getting in touch with Alexandra Kurcsics (event management):

Goldman RestaurantPlayroom Studios

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