Special tour

The special tour (around 90 minutes and 6 rooms) at “Dialogue in the Dark” leads visitors through a museum room after a trip on a boat. This room is reserved for changing exhibitions. DialogMuseum invites artists and museums from Frankfurt to get inspiration for new installations in this room.


Zu sehen ist Marcel Heim, ehemaliger Blindenfußball-Nationalspieler vor einer Wand mit Braille-Alphabet im DialogMuseum

Marcel Heim, former blind soccer national player, gives hints for goal wall shooting in the dark

Until the next change change of scene, goal wall shooting will take place there in complete darkness again. So, booking a special tour (90 minutes) means you can try to kick the ball into the net. We are looking forward to many soccer fans!
Reservation is necessary at bookingline 069-90 43 21 44

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