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(1) Abhimanyu Singhal
Sa, 17 September 2011 20:31:33 +0000

Hey hi,

It was a surprise for me at first to know about a museum like this, really appreciate the thought. Applause to all those who made this come possible. I am from a country called India (city - Varanasi) and would like to know more about the museum, and its possibility of opening in India. Me very much interested to welcome the project at our city VARANASI. Kindly provide us the details for the opening of the museum if you find the city comfortable to have a chapter of it.
For more insights on the city, here is the link for the same

thanks & regards,

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  1. Ayoub Ben Taleb

    Hallo, am 12,1,17 waren wir in ihrem Museum uns hat es sehr gefallen . Anfangs war es schwer doch dann war es leichter . Man kann sich nun besser in die Blinden hineinversetzen aber ich glaube das die Blinden das besser können. ich fand auch cool das die Bar die im Dunkeln war der Mann dort das Geld anhand seines Tastsinns identifizieren konnte. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Ayoub

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