What can you do at DialogMuseum?


The idea of “Dialogue in the Dark” is fairly easy: In small groups you are led through different rooms by our blind or visually impaired guides in complete darkness. The exhibition is made up of several daily situations (e.g. walking through a park, a boat trip, visiting a bar) which, due to the darkness, create a total new experience. The guides become ambassadors for a culture without pictures. Within a 90-minute tour, you can discover a special room of the museum, which is reserved for changing exhibitions. We invite local artists and museums to use this room for new installations. Until the next change of scene you can enjoy goal wall shooting in this room.

We are looking forward to many soccer fans!

“Dialogue in the Dark” can only be visited accompanied by a guide. Therefore, reservations are necessary.

Bookingline 069/90 43 21 44 or

You can choose between a 60-minutes standard tour with 4 rooms and a 90-minutes special tour with 6 rooms.

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Dialogue in the Dark is a global franchising concept. Dialogue Social Enterprise GmbH (DSE) is a social enterprise operating internationally and headquartered in Hamburg.

For more information please visit Dialogue in the Dark international

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