Blind Traveller- a journey into an unknown country
from 11 July to 03 September 2017

Every year in the summer DialogMuseum offers the unique experience to travel through another country in the darkness.


Without your eyesight, but by using all of your other senses, it is your mission to discover where you have landed. Those who manage to guess the destination correctly will be entered into a raffle. The winner will get to pack up his or her suitcase and visit the actual country.

Former travellers went to Canada, Australia, India, South Africa, Brazil, Morocco, Cuba, and Scotland. So you don’t have to worry about those countries anymore. However, we won’t reveal any more information!

The foyer of DialogMuseum puts the visitors in the position of being at a real airport: monitors, original signing and sounds of the airport in Frankfurt as well as baggage cars will make you feel as if you were waiting for your flight in the departure lounge.

Reservation is necessary. Please call 069/ 90 43 21 44.

Flughafenatmosphäre im DialogMuseum

Airport atmosphere at DialogMuseum

Geschäftsführerin Klara Kletzka mit Projektleiterin Annette Koyro (v. l. n. r.) bei der Eröffnung des BLINDEN PASSAGIERS 2015

Project leader Annette Koyro and chief executive Klara Kletzka (from left to right) at the opening of BLIND TRAVELLER 2015








Where did the journey go?  Visitors at DialogMuseum







We thank our sponsors  and project partners for their support!                             

The main sponsor of Blind Traveller is Fraport AG

Additional sponsors in 2016 were : Dertour, Globetrotter, Lufthansa, Pepsico, Schottland für Alle und Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main (VGF)



Link zu Dertour











Link zu Pepsico





Schottland für Alle_300












The project partners in 2016 were: Botanischer Garten, Dudelsack-Akademie, Goldman Restaurant, Heimatmuseum Schwanheim,  Hessischer Rundfunk (hr3), Landesforsten Rheinland-Pfalz, Landesjagdverband Rheinland-Pfalz, Palmengarten, Scheck-In Center Frankfurt, Senckenberg Naturmuseum, Think Tall und WK ProTour

Link zu Botanischer Garten


Goldman Restaurant


Link zu Landesforsten Rheinland Pfalz



Senckenberg Naturmuseum









































































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